Where Beauty has no boundaries & Happiness is the Horizon


In the city like Mumbai people often feel exhausted due to the never ending stressful daily life, the hectic schedule always keep them full of mental strain, the speed of modern life takes away their energy. To counter these situations some people prefer to go on a tour of Europe, USA, Egypt, Australia, etc. and some prefer Kashmir, Darjeeling, and Ooty.

But we think the other way, our company is famous for providing heavenly locations for additional houses popularly known as “SECOND HOME”, where people can energize themselves by following melody of fresh and unpolluted breeze, by observing the surrounding beauty of lush green woodland spread across hundreds of acres which soothes eyes completely, and chirping of birds in fusion with spiritual sound of flowing river enlighten ears. They can inhale the freshness and virginity of the land and taste the exclusivity of being a connoisseur.

For the busy Mumbaikars, Second Home means a respite from crowded cities, extreme heat and the stresses of work and a quick way to generate cash. And it's not only for Indian dwellers. Non-resident Indians (NRIs) are buying this mid-level housing as well. NRIs can easily attain housing in India because they were born there but they can also buy even if their parents or grandparents were born there.

As per investor’s point of view, the second home in Igatpuri which is located at the outskirts of Mumbai is the best option.

In collaboration with Manas, we are in development of Row Houses, Bungalows and Flats which will suit your budget and can make you and your family happily for their entire life.

We contribute to the society with the ones we protect

Develop and recreate as well as the ones we provide for our customers